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Selected exercises from Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Taoist Yoga

holistic therapy through movement

Peaceful Mind
Vital Body
Healthy spine

I invite you to Meditation in Movement during which:


👉 you will learn to FEEL what is happening in your body; how you BREATHE and how to RELAX what is unnecessarily tense;


👉 RELEASE accumulated tension in muscles and joints;


👉 YOU WILL STIMULATE the flow of blood, lymph and energy, thanks to which you will feel more STRENGTH;


👉 YOU SYNCHRONIZE the two hemispheres of your BRAIN, creating new neural connections;


👉 you will learn a body structure that is STABLE like a MOUNTAIN and FLEXIBLE like a RIVER;


👉 you will regulate your BLOOD PRESSURE;


👉 you will feel RELAXATION in your mind and whole body;


👉 you will learn to HEAL yourself.


Tomasz Kamiński (Physiotherapist)

"I first dealt with Marta two years ago. I remember that I was looking for the most comprehensive approach to movement. It was so difficult because, as a physiotherapist by profession and passion, I was very keen on the aspect of an in-depth look at how we perform movement, how to feel it and correct as needed. From the first classes, I saw a different quality, maybe not so much in verbal translation, but in presentation, observation and concern for my movement. And since then, I have been following Marta's classes, I have been attending them and gaining more and more biomechanics and understanding how even distant parts of our body helped me understand what tai chi is. And when other teachers said laconically "you need to relax", my Master looks at why something is not relaxing and looks at it holistically, gives instructions You feel that it's starting to work. That's why I recommend to everyone who wants to develop their contact with the body not only with a pattern, but with understanding."
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